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Can art bring about more changes to a place than just aesthetics? 

Yes, we all do believe that, but can Art influence the way people interact with their city?

Let's give it a try. Read on to know more.

About the Initiative

"Dillī ke na the kūche aurāq-e-musavvar the

jo shakl nazar aa.ī tasvīr nazar aa.ī   


[ Delhi’s streets were not alleys, but artist's canvas,  every sight that appeared seemed like a painting ]

- Mir Taqi Mir                     

Lanes of Old Delhi, are probably one of the richest sources of Heritage in the city. These provide an identity to itself, yet under the pressure of the contemporary world, this is quickly losing its charm due to rapid economic transformations and unclean surroundings. 

With this initiative, we are attempting to revive the rich artistic legacy of the area. With the help of contemporary elements, we aspire to bring attention back to the diminishing cultural heritage. 

We are collaborating with Marham, an NGO based in Old Delhi, who are actively engaged in cleanliness drives (Safai Aadha Imaan Movement) in the area. 

Marham: Safai Aadha Imaan Movement

A movement aimed at waste management is transforming the lanes of Old Delhi. By engaging homeless citizens adopted by the NGO, local residents and authorities, Marham is bringing innovative ideas by public participation. Started in the Katra Gokul Shah, the movement transformed the streets from being filled with garbage heaps to a lane with a proper waste disposal system, vertical gardens, and colorful inspiring messages.

Our Approach


  • Interactive sessions with locals

  • Workshops

Process & Implementation

  • Identification of Site  

  • Research on Architectural Heritage

  • Case Study

  • Interpolation of relevant elements into contemporary

       Street Art and Design

Program (For Volunteers)


Last Date of Application: 15 Aug 2019

Tentative Dates of Meet-Up:  18 Aug 2019 & following weekends

Tentative period of engagement: 2 -3 Weeks

Timings and days of operation:  Flexible

Meetup Location: Center for Arts & Free Expression, Ghaffar Manzil, Jamia Nagar  

Site Location: Old Delhi



Does this sound interesting to you? Hit the Volunteer button and be a Change-maker. 




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