responding to the fastest-growing consumer group.

The world's Muslim population is the youngest & fastest-growing consumer group that is yet unattended. 2/3rd of this young group is under 30, which makes up for a staggering number of 1 billion people. 

Muslims are incredibly diverse, culturally influenced yet strongly connected to their faith. And that makes this market unique. 

All of this demands a different approach for organizations to engage & respond to them. 

our Mission

You can influence people in two ways, by manipulating or by inspiring. We are on a mission to create brands that inspire people & emotionally respond to their needs. 

Our design process is based on deep research & psychographic approach that makes us create a brand design that touches people at heart. 


How We Can Help?

We are an internationally acclaimed design organization with a deep understanding of this unique group of consumers with tailor-made demands on practical as well as emotional levels.

"The design has the potential to change our perception and

it must be used to trigger a positive social change"

Our Values
Intent (Niyah)
Clarity (of thoughts & Ideas)
Design Process

Our Clients

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