99 Days of Mercy is an initiative that invites Calligraphers, Typographers, Graphic Artists, to express their love and gratitude for the Almighty through their skills in Arts & Design.​


Edition 1


Starting 24 Apr, 2020, InShaAllah

“Even as we remain disconnected physically, this Ramadan, let’s come together on this platform to remember the beautiful attributes of GOD.
This initiative invites – Typographers, Calligraphers, Graphic Artists & Creative professionals to engage in some creative exploration during #COVID19 #Lockdown.

Participants are required to use their Visual Design skills to write the Asma-Ul Husna each day of the Ramadan. Let's come together with our creative skills and show our gratitude to our Creator. 

"He taught with the pen.
He taught man what he knew not."

Quran 96:4,5

Alhamdulillah!  This project aims at expressing our gratitude to the Most Merciful

(Al-Rahman) for the skills, He provided us with. Along with you, we aim at developing a creative space in our community to understand various artistic perspectives from across the Cultures & Communities, Globally.  InShaAllah.  

Are you up for this #RamadanChallenge? 

The main medium of this challenge will be on Instagram. Subscribe to the @minimal.muslim for updates. 
This is the 1st edition and it will run through the month of Ramadan, in which the selected 30 Attributes of Allah S.W.T will be written by various artists across the Globe with the project hashtags.

The entries of the artwork are allowed in the Arabic Attribute (name of GOD) and English translation of the attribute. You can take up the challenge for all 30 names in this phase or just the few that you wish to contribute to. 

Selected entries will be featured on our story and official Social media handles. Once the this edition is over, we will be publishing a complete set of selected entries on our website. 
30 names/attributes have been decided by us and assigned a particular date. The artwork of the particular name will be uploaded by participants on a corresponding day.

How to participate?

Check the calendar and plan your work ahead of the day. Each name has been assigned a date. 
Upload your artwork, on your Instagram profile with respective project tag- #99daysofmercy and #minimalmuslim to enter the challenge.

Please refer to the calendar to note the name/attribute of the day and upload the corresponding artwork on the same day. 
Selected artworks get to be featured by us, and published on the official Instagram handle. 

Submission Guidelines

Artwork  – Please refer to the calendar to know the corresponding name/attribute for the day and upload only that name/attribute. You can use the Arabic text or English translation to demonstrate the artwork. Please note your submission can be in any medium as long as it is the same attribute of GOD to corresponding dates.  
Image – 1080 x 1080 pixels, preferable. Upload to your profile. 
Hashtag – Add both hashtags to enter the challenge and let the world spot your talent and Allah’s blessing on you. Example - #99daysofmercy #minimalmuslim


May Allah strengthen your pen, hope to see you take up this challenge. In sha Allah. 

Up for the #Challenge? 

Here is the calendar with Attributes & Corresponding dates.

(Submission can be done starting at 5:00 AM GMT till 4:59 AM GMT next date)

General Guidelines & Details

Selection & Publication!




    The Most Merciful

    Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

This project is inspired by 36daysoftype.com.



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