بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

MinimalMuslim’s journey began with Baseerah and we continue to strive on the path with Ihsaan!

By constantly being on the outlook for ways and opportunities to improve
the way we understand the purpose of our being and the responsibilities
we are meant to shoulder and not only to motivate the idea of change but
also, be able to facilitate its understanding by laying them out clearly and
effectively. In a world that is actively evolving, to be able to empower minds and inspire change, it is necessary to recognize the forces that define and shape the lives around us and respond to those changes!

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Refreshing meaningful creative designs that do a great job.

Mazin Khan, The Milli Gazette

Liked the Idea very much, especially how the design of architecture impacts the behavior of occupants and how Islam inspired architecture can be modest, humble, and yet most modern.

Need of the hour for environment, Society, and humanity.

Dr. Abrar Ahmed, JMI

Highly impressed with the creativity and thoughts behind your designs. The perfect fusion of classic and contemporary art. Keep up the good work. Best of luck!

Saad Ashraf

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New Delhi, India

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